Tigers Crowned Champions


GFA Melita 1st Division – Round 4 – Game 20

Sun, 19th April 2015


Gozo Stadium

Xewkija Tigers vs Nadur Youngsters

Xewkija Tigers ended the league campaign with a 3-1 loss against rivals Nadur Youngsters. Although it was a negative end to a fantastic league, the Tigers received the precious honour and this was possible because the strength of a great team. For this match Coach Alex Simoncic had nothing to lose and decided to start the match with two young central midfielders who combined age just 34 years. Although Nadur Youngsters won the midfield battle in the 1st half, both Gennaro Hili and Joseph Mario Vella will look at this match positively as it highlighted their part in this memorable league campaign. Moreover Simoncic had Christian Bugeja missing due to suspension, Christ Camilleri injured while Eric Nwankwo was rested. On the other hand Nadur had only Charles Hili missing and fielded a strong 3-4-1-2 formation to battle Xewkija’s 3-4-3 formation.

Nadur started the better and as time passed they won the midfield as mentioned. Infact, they opened the score in the 17th minute when Claudio Antunes flicked over Adrian Parnis after a through pass. Claudio Antunes could have doubled but Josmar Vella blocked in the last minute Antunes’ shot. But Claudio Antunes’ second goal came later in the 33rd minute when exchanging the ball with Milos Stojanovic and with a beautiful first-timer, the Brazilian doubled the lead. Xewkija could have decreased the gap after a cross-shot by Gennaro Hili hit the post. Claudio Antunes continued with his dazzling performance when hitting a first-timer volley which was brilliantly saved by goalkeeper Adrian Parnis. Xewkija continued to find it hard especially the young midfielders and this gave the Nadur the edge till the last minute of the 1st half. 

For the second half Alex Simoncic put in Paul Rapa instead of Joseph Mario and the Tigers seemed to get better. Infact they were unlucky that Johnny Camilleri’s conclusion hit the cross-bar and in the 60th minute had a dubious Martin Hrubsa goal disallowed for an offside infringement. The Tigers took hold of the game and continued to dominate possession but conceded a counter-attack goal in the 72nd minute when Claudio Antunes escaped the offside and netted his hat-trick to confirm the top spot in the top scorers’ standings. Xewkija managed to score a consolation goal in the 81st minute when Eric Nwankwo was fouled in the box and the referee awarded a penalty. Daniel Bogdanovic took the penalty kick and scored his 14th league goal. The result remained the same until the end.

After the match GFA President Dr.Samuel Azzopardi presented the league trophies to Captain Joseph Cefai and Vice-Captain Josmar Vella among the euphoric celebrations of the Xewkija Tigers’ supporters. Celebrations continued with a car-cade till St.John the Baptist Square where more supporters welcomed the deserving Champions of Gozo for this season among the usual big celebrations held at the Xewkija Tigers Clubhouse and square. 

Final Result: Xewkija Tigers   1     Nadur Youngsters  3


Xewkija T. – 80.D.Bogdanovic (81’ p.).

Nadur Y. – 9.C.Antunes (17’, 33’, 72’)

 Xewkija Tigers:- 1-Adrian Parnis, 14-Joseph Cefai (C.), 6-Martin Hrubsa, 4-Josmar Vella (23-Eric Nwankwo), 5-Peter Buttigieg, 20-Kenneth Mercieca, 16-Joseph-Mario Vella (11-Paul Rapa), 3-Gennaro Hili (55-Alex Simoncic), 80-Daniel Bogdanovic, 99-Dene Shields, 9-Johnny Camilleri.

Nadur Youngsters:- 23-Charlon Muscat, 13-Josef Buttigeg, 3-Charles Mercieca, 4-Ramon dos Santos, 19-Saviour Attard (C.), 16-Frankie Camilleri, 22-Milos Stojanovic, 6-Christian Debono (7-Brian Meilak), 10-Joseph Grima (20-Mark Hyzler), 11-Joseph Vella, 9-Claudio Antunes. 

Referee: Alan Mario Sant



Message from Secretary Joseph Attard


On behalf of Xewkija Tigers, I would like to thank all the Players, Coaching Staff, Committee Members and Xewkija Tigers Supporters for the continous determination, contribution and support throughout the season. 

I would also like to Thank several Clubs in Gozo for wishing Xewkija Tigers F.C. on winning their 7th League Championship.

There's still another two important titles to be won this season, let's try our best to bring more success to this Club.


Sabri Rais Incident


Xewkija Tigers F.C. accepts the apology sent by Kercem Ajax's President regarding last Sunday's Match between Dene Shields and Sabri Rais, when the ex-Ajax Player/Coach bit Xewkija's forward in the face however Xewkija Tigers F.C. condemns such irresponsible act and behavior.

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Comeback gives Tigers their 7th title


GFA Melita 1st Division – Round 4 – Game 19

Sunday, 5th April 2015


Gozo Stadium

Xewkija Tigers vs Kercem Ajax

Xewkija Tigers are champions of Gozo for their 7th time in their history after beating Kercem Ajax 3-1. As the standings now show, the Tigers are unreachable at 1st place with a 4 point advantage and a game to go. As was the case all this season, Xewkija had to give their utmost to secure these precious 3 points. In fact the Tigers conceded a goal in the early stages but managed to battle their way back until scoring the 3rd goal which made things easier for the Yellows. For this match Alex Simoncic had to do without Kenneth Mercieca who was ill while Christ Camilleri was unfit to start the match because of a niggling injury. In came Peter Buttigieg and Josmar Vella at the back with the latter taking an unusual place as a right full-back. Gennaro Hili was moved in the midfield to partner Christian Bugeja. The Ajax also had some problems. Elton Vella was unavailable while Joseph Azzopardi and Anderson Ribeiro were suspended. Libyan Abdul Alrayess took Ribeiro’s place while Luke Meilak returned to the starting line-up.

            Kercem started the match with the best way possible when a free-kick from the left was cleared short and Luke Meilak hammered in goal with a lovely shot after just 6 minutes. Xewkija reacted immediately and drew level 4 minutes later when Gennaro Hili crossed from the left and Johnny Camilleri scored with a powerful header. Xewkija continued to maintain pressure on their opposition and went one up on the 21st minute when Daniel Bogdanovic took a fast free-kick from half pitch, Dene Shields controlled brilliantly and smashed in goal. Kercem operated some fast breaks with Abdul Alrayess and Andrew Mizzi being the two dangerous players but the defence was well composed to keep the Greens at bay. Xewkija had a shot from Johnny Camilleri from the right which went wide. Gennaro Hili also concluded wide from outside the box while Dene Shields also missed the target after entering inside the box from the left. Xewkija could have ended the 1st period with a 2 goal lead when Christian Bugeja shot from outside the box with the ball passing a whisker away from the post.

            For the 2nd half Xewkija continued to maintain the Greens at bay with good composure at the back while the Tigers were dangerous again with a tentative from Daniel Bogdanovic. Xewkija scored the 3rd goal on the 55th minute when a corner from Christian Bugeja was headed inside the goal by Eric Nwankwo. Kercem responded when a cross from the left was deflected by Peter Buttigieg and the goalkeeper Adrian Parnis had to tip over the crossbar. Josmar Vella had to be instrumental when blocking Ian Xuereb’s shot from outside the box. The game also witnessed a very negative episode on the 70th minute. Sabri Rais confronted Dene Shields and surprisingly bit the Scottish striker’s nose. Players from both sides had to separate the two players and in the same instant Rais also hit Xewkija’s Christian Bugeja. Referee George Portelli showed the yellow card to Dene Shields while Sabri Rais was sent off. As the game calmed, Xewkija continued to administer play with any difficulties and could have increased the score when Daniel Bogdanovic dribbled two players inside the box and his conclusion was blocked by a Kercem defender. Dene Shields also had a shot which went wide and Johnny Camilleri also tried his luck from outside the box but goalkeeper Lenard Camilleri saved without any problems. Kercem could have reduced the score when Petar Kyumyurdzhiev’s free-kick was saved into corner by Adrian Parnis. George Portelli signalled the end of the match which gave the league title to Xewkija Tigers for the second time in a row amongst the celebrations of the players, staff and supporters.


Final Result: Xewkija Tigers   3     Kercem Ajax   1


Xewkija T. – 9.J.Camilleri (10’), 99.D.Shields (21’), 23.E.Nwankwo (55’).

Kercem A. – 8.L.Meilak (6’) 

Red Card:

Kercem A. – 14.S.Rais (70’) 


            This weekend’s other games saw runners-up Nadur Youngsters win 2-0 against Victoria Hotspurs. Christian Debono and Claudio Antunes score the Youngsters’ goals. From the relegation pool SK Victoria Wanderers secured their 1st Division status with a 2-1 win over St.Laurence Spurs. Sunday Baala scored a brace while Jonathan Micallef scored the Spurs’ other goal. Oratory Youths returned to winning ways after beating wooden-spoonists Sannat Lions 3-0. Thiago dos Santos scored a brace and Shaun Attard scored from the penalty-spot. 

Xewkija Tigers:- 1-Adrian Parnis, 14-Joseph Cefai (C.), 6-Martin Hrubsa, 5-Peter Buttigieg, 4-Josmar Vella, 3-Gennaro Hili (55-Alex Simoncic), 8-Christian Bugeja, 80-Daniel Bogdanovic, 9-Johnny Camilleri (11-Paul Rapa), 23-Eric Chidi Nwankwo (10-Christ Camilleri), 99-Dene Shields.

Kercem Ajax:- 1-Lenard Camilleri, 11-Petar Kyumyurdzhiev, 18-Mario Mifsud, 3-Aaron Buttigieg, 2-Owen Spiteri, 19-John Paul Mizzi (C.), 7-Ian Xuereb, 8-Luke Meilak (21-Steve Dimech), 16-Omar Xuereb (14-Sabri Rais), 20-Andrew Mizzi, 22-Abdul Alrayess. 

Referee: George Portelli


Xewkija climb another important step


GFA Melita 1st Division – Round 3 – Game 18

Sunday, 29nd March 2015


Gozo Stadium

Xewkija Tigers vs Victoria Hotspurs

Xewkija Tigers made a huge step towards the league title with a win maturing in the 2nd half against Victoria Hotspurs. This was a hard match as Victoria Hotspurs were very motivated and determined to steal points from the Tigers but once again the strength of the men in Yellow and Black took the team where they wanted. For this match the Tigers were in emergency in the defence. Josmar Vella was suspended after collecting the 4th yellow card of the season while Peter Buttigieg is still ineligible to play. So Alex Simoncic decided to play young Gennaro Hili as centre back while Kenneth Mercieca was moved to left full back. In the middle Christ Camilleri was on the bench after a niggling injury while player/coach Alex Simoncic started the match. Dene Shields was back in the line-up after sitting out in the last match. Hotspurs’ Chris Buttigieg decided to block the Tigers efforts and therefore put Rodney Buttigieg and Antoine Camilleri in the midfield while Nicholas Mercieca was isolated in attack. For them, Ferdinando Apap was missing. Before the match, the Under 18s Xewkija Tigers team were presented with the Championship trophy. On a sad note, a 1 minute silence was held in respect of Leah Xuereb, the daughter of former Xewkija Tigers goalkeeper Jonathan Xuereb who left this world last week.  

Xewkija Tigers started the match determined to find an early goal to decrease the pressure that may arise later in the game. Dene Shields had a couple of efforts which went wide while Eric Nwankwo’s shot from inside the box was saved by Matthew Vella. The Tigers continued to dominate the game while the Citizens operated with counter-attacks which were confidently defended by the defence. Johnny Camilleri could have opened the score late in the 1st half but missed a very good chance from inside the box. Dene Shields was a continuous thorn and in an instant protested for a penalty after a clash with Moussa Bamba. Dene Shields could have opened the score when he entered from the left side but his angled shot was blocked. The Reds frustrated Xewkija as they managed to keep the clean-sheet until the end of the 1st period.

The 2nd half started the same as the 1st half as Xewkija Tigers continued to hold the possession of the ball for long periods. The only weapons Victoria Hotspurs used were the runs of Antoine Camilleri and Rodney Buttigieg on the flanks but their chances were very limited and without any effect. This fact was thanks to Christian Bugeja who dominated the park with his usual bursts on the ball. Bugeja didn’t stop for one minute and continuously recovered the ball when his mates lost it. On the other hand, Christ Camilleri entered the pitch and started to leave his mark. First he had a shot saved by Matthew Vella and later managed an action with Johnny Camilleri which ended wide. Daniel Bogdanovic had a shot from outside the box also saved. Finally, Xewkija opened the score on the 67th minute when Daniel Bogdanovic crossed to the right side, Christ Camilleri headed into the middle where he found his brother Johnny Camilleri who tapped-in. Xewkija continued to press with Dene Shields having numerous shots which were all saved by the keeper. Dene Shields was once again unlucky when receiving the ball inside the box in a favourable position and as he was about to shoot a Victoria defender held his foot with a tackle but the referee waved play on amongst the Scot’s protests. Dene Shields and Daniel Bogdanovic worked another chance inside the box but the Reds’ defence cleared away in the last moment. Xewkija had to wait until the 2nd minute of added time to confirm the important 3 points. Daniel Bogdanovic entered the box from the right, dribbled a defender and with a low driven shot to the far post finished of Victoria Hotspurs. With this win Xewkija just need to win against Kercem Ajax to retain the much coveted GFA 1st Division League.

Final Result: Xewkija Tigers   2     Victoria Hotspurs   0


Xewkija T. – 9.J.Camilleri (67’), 80.D.Bogdanovic (90’+2)        

            In other matches from the GFA 1st Division, title challengers Nadur Youngsters won against Kercem Ajax with the score of 5-2. Kercem started the match positively and were twice winning and even finished 1st half in the lead but the questionable sending off of Joseph Azzopardi gave the advantage to the Youngsters who ended winning 5-2. Anderson Ribeiro scored Kercem’s goals while Claudio ANtunes scored a hat-trick and Milos Stojanovic scored a brace. St.Lawrence Spurs continued their positive run after winning 3-0 against Sannat Lions. William Barbosa score twiced while the 3rd goal was scored by Michael Uzor. SK Victoria Wanderers peeped Oratory Youths in the standings after a 3-1 win against the same Oratory Youths. Sunday Baala scored a hat-trick while Thiago dos Santos scored the Youth’s only goal.  

 Xewkija Tigers:- 1-Adrian Parnis, 14-Joseph Cefai (C.), 6-Martin Hrubsa, 3-Gennaro Hili, 8-Christian Bugeja, 20-Kenneth Mercieca, 80-Daniel Bogdanovic, 55-Alex Simoncic (10-Christ Camilleri) (11-Paul Rapa), 23-Eric Chidi Nwankwo, 99-Dene Shields, 9-Johnny Camilleri.

Victoria Hotspurs:- 88-Matthew Vella, 11-Jason Pace, 18-Moussa Bamba, 4-Keith Bonello, 8-Mark Buhagiar, 14-Jonathan Bajada, 16-Dylan Mercieca, 10-Daniel Farrugia (C.), 9-Nicholas Mercieca, 15-Antoine Camilleri, 20-Rodney Buttigieg.

 Referee: Esther Azzopardi


Match Fixing Case

Xewkija Tigers FC were duly informed by the board of Malta Football Association and Gozo Football Association that no Charges are going to be issued against Central Defender Peter Paul Buttigieg in the Match Fixing Case on the 7th February between Xewkija Tigers and Nadur Youngsters. Peter Paul Buttigieg will be back with the Squad for next Sunday's Match against Kercem Ajax. The Game will be played at 2PM at the Gozo Stadium

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