THE POST-WAR DAYS 1944 – 1952

Although the club was founded in 1939, the first real competitive match was played in the season 1944-45. The main reason for this delay was the World War II, in which Gozo was heavily involved. In fact the Gozitan league was not held in the period between 1940 and 1944.

1944 – 1945

This was the first competitive season for the Gozitan Clubs after World War II and in this league we saw the participation of 6 clubs, which league was won by Victoria Athletics. Xewkija Tigers managed to finish third. It was also the first season in which games were played in the Silver Jubilee Ground (today known as the Gozo Stadium). In this photo we find Xewkija Tigers’ and Victoria Athletics’ players together before the match in which Victoria Athletics beat Xewkija Tigers 1-0.

Standing: (2 nd from left) A.Misrahi (2) ; Żakkarija Cilia (3) ; Willie Le Prevost (4) ; Salvu Bugeja (taċ-Ċaċċ) (5) ; Marjanu Vella (ta’ Minku) (9) ; John Grima (tal-Ġiegu)(9) ; Michael Xuereb (ta’ Fittet) (10) ; Joseph Farrugia (taz-Zajzu) (14) .
Sitting: Joseph Borg (tal-Marzalett) (1) ; Bernardu Axiaq (iz-Zuzu) (3) ; Carmel Spiteri (iż- Żoniġ) (6)
1945 – 1946

This is considered as a historical season by since it was the year in which Xewkija Tigers won its first trophy. At the end of this season, on Sunday 12 th May 1946, they beat Xagħra Blue 1-0 to win the Galea Cup, which at the time was one of the major honours offered by the Gozitan football.

In this season, Xewkija Tigers played their football in the first division and managed a second place behind second time winners Victoria Athletics.

Standing: (from left) Marjanu Vella (ta’ Minku -coach); John Grima (ta’ Seguna); John Azzopardi (tal-Kaptan); John Vella (ta’ Lobu); Salvu Buttigieg (iċ-Ċurrun); Carmel Spiteri (iż-Żoniġ)
Sitting: Salvu Spiteri (ta’ Rjallu); Leli Spiteri (ix-Xiħa); Joseph Xerri (ta’ Pupull); Paul Vella (tas-Siċċa); Frank Farrugia (taz-Zajzu); Joseph Attard (ta’ Binna)
1946 – 1947

Two Xewkija Players of the Post-War Period. In the first photo we can see John Vella (ta’ Lobu), while in the second photo we have Frank Farrugia (taz-Zajzu)

John Vella (Ta Lobu)
Frank Farrugia (Iz-Zajzu)


1948 – 1949


John Azzopardi (Tal-Kaptan)
Leli Spiteri (Tax-Xiha)


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