THE EARLY DAYS 1938 – 1943

1939. This is the official date of birth of the newly founded football club in the village of Xewkija.  Xewkija Tigers was the name chosen.  Black and yellow are the official colours . This team was to represent the village in G.F.A. Competitions. The founder and first President of the newly founded club was Dr. Carmelo Cassar who served the club for 10 years: (1938-39 – 1948-49).

Dr. Carmelo Cassar

In the next four photos we have Joseph Borg (Marżalett) and Żakkarija Cilia (tal-Ġerrej), Carmel Spiteri (iż-Żoniġ) and Joseph Farrugia (taz-Zajzu) who were one of the first players and pioneers of the newly born club.

Joseph Borg (Marzalett)
Zakkarija Cilia (Tal-Gerrej)
Carmel Spiteri (Iz-Zonig) Joseph Farrugia (Taz-Zajzu)

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